The Gloucester Block Party

Since 2008, the colorful downtown of Gloucester, MA has set the stage for block parties in the summer months. Main Street transforms into a strolling mall featuring al fresco dining; stores open for shopping; Kids’ Town, games and multi-performances at five outdoor stages. Diverse bands, dance troupes and other local talent are presented.

With deep roots in the community, Gloucester Engineering participated in this year’s Downtown Gloucester Block Parties. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to share the with community what the “big building on the hill” actually does.  We shared how our equipment affects their lives on a daily basis, showing what raw plastic pellets look like and the final products they are turned into as a result of GEC’s equipment. There was also interest in information about film recycling and the wind turbines located on our property.

block partyJuly20_block partyDavidCoxGloucesterBlockParty“People loved learning about how our machines help turn plastic pellets into the wide array of plastic goods used today. They were also thoroughly impressed by the size of machines we make,” said Jennifer Gillette, Global Marketing, Public Relations & Event Coordinator for Gloucester Engineering. “We had a couple of people stop by our booth that had worked for the company for over 40 years!”

With such a positive response from our community, Gloucester Engineering plans to sponsor and participate in this event for years to come.


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