Putting your name on alternative energy

This past Friday the mayor of Gloucester, Carolyn Kirk, held a “blade signing” ceremony for the turbine blades being assembled on the grounds of Gloucester Engineering. Gloucester Engineering employees along with their family members and locals took out pens to sign a piece of history.

Gloucester employees and local residents put their own mark on the turbine blade.

Here is an excerpt from the Gloucester Times article, November 16, 2012

Residents relish turbine ‘blade signing’

Residents make most of ‘blade signing’

By Marjorie Nesin, staff writer

GLOUCESTER — The signatures of hundreds of Cape Ann community members will be spinning in the wind by the start of next year, thanks to residents who gathered to sign a wind turbine blade at an outdoor ceremony Friday.

The blade belongs to one of three turbines that will soon decorate the city’s sky by the start of the calendar year.

This turbine, to stand at Gloucester Engineering, is designed to power the city’s municipal buildings. The other two turbines, another at the Gloucester Engineering site and the third already erected on Varian property — all within Blackburn Industrial Park — will primarily generate power for those two companies.

Check out the full article – click here 

Another Gloucester Times article appeared on November 18, 2012

Signing onto a piece of history

Only time will tell whether the city of Gloucester will realize as much as $225,000 in energy savings by the end of this fiscal year, and an estimated $450,000 annually through its use of wind power and the power purchase agreement it holds with Equity Industrial Turbines.

But there’s little question that the launch of the two Equity turbines being built now at Gloucester Engineering mark a bold new step for the city into the world of alternative energy. And in that vein, it was good to see so many people literally signing onto at least a piece of the project as part of an innovative “blade signing” ceremony hosted by Mayor Carolyn Kirk last Friday on the Gloucester Engineering property at Blackburn Industrial Park.

Check out the full article – click here

So if you’re in the area – bring a pen!


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