Recent Successes: Reyes & Scientex Push Innovation & Growth

At NPE show in April, 2012, Grupo REYMA placed an order for four monolayer PP sheet lines for a new factory under construction in Nogales.

The new factory is Grupo REYMA’s eighth subsidiary in Mexico. Gloucester Engineering has been a partner in Grupo REYMA’s fast growth to become a leading supplier of plastic packaging products to companies across North and Central America. The deal is an expansion of high performance lines running in other REYMA facilities – including a Gloucester Engineering nanolayer cast film line believed to be the first of its kind operating in Mexico.

The nanolayer line produces cast stretch coextruded film with physical properties higher than the typical 5- to 7-layers of a standard multilayer line, significantly enhancing the film’s performance, including higher tear and elongation.

The momentum continued when the Gloucester team went to ChinaPlas in Shanghai. Two weeks post-NPE, Malaysia-based Scientex placed an order for two new 8 up cast stretch film lines specifically designed for high outputs with thicknesses as low as 8 uM. This is the third time in five years that Scientex has expanded their production capacity, each time with Gloucester equipment. Scientex production is now expected to reach more than 150,000 metric tons per year- all under one roof.

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