Future Design – an ideal fit into the Gloucester Engineering family

In 1977, Robert Krycki was building a business for the blown film industry, saw a gap in cooling systems, and in 1978 founded Future Design. 5 years later, he had grown the Saturn brand into the global leader in air rings. Whether branded or white-labeled, every plastics manufacturer knows the distinctive features and shape of a Saturn air ring.

And now, he and his team are the newest members of the Gloucester Engineering family.

The merger of these two companies makes a lot of sense: It’s one way that Gloucester is meeting customer feedback to step forward – and fast – with technological innovation, and, the union gives Future Design the support and reach of a larger company.

Culturally, the two companies are an impressive fit. Both are the Chevy trucks of capital equipment, built to last. Both bring a commitment to advance the competitiveness and return on investment for blown film producers around the world. And both have built their businesses by partnering with customers, doing right by them, giving them guidance for modifications, and leading them where the industry is heading.

Future Design is known for blown film bubble management expertise and products such as their trademarked Saturn and Perfect Balance air rings. Its product suite also includes best-in-class evacuation systems, bubble guiding, take off systems, dies, laboratory systems, and much more.

In 2008, the Canadian Plastics Industry honored Robert with its lifetime achievement award. He is proud to continue to bring that commitment that pervades his company’s culture to the companies’ combined customer base.

Future Design’s patented Saturn Air Ring
Technology™ guarantees improved cooling rates,
lower gauge variation, improved roll geometry,
bubble stability, low pressure and maximum


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