Gloucester Engineering completes major Retrofit for Automated Packaging Systems

We are pleased to announce the successful completion and installation of a retrofitted blown film line for Automated Packaging.  This project, which involved a substantial amount of engineering expertise, upgraded a number of components  including the Extrol 6016 with an integrated  IBC controller, power and control panels with air-to-water heat exchangers, 4.5″ 30:1 ContraCool Extruder with continuous screen changer, a 26″ Oscillating Monolayer IBC Die, an UltraCool II Air Ring,  and bubble cage, among other critical components.

The retrofitted line will manufacture high-quality converter-grade film utilizing materials such as mLLDPE, LLDPE, LLDPE and LDPE Blends.

“Gloucester did a great job with this project,” said Tim Braithwaite, Vice President of Plastics Operations for Automated Packaging.  He continued, “The line operators appreciate the quick changeovers, easy set up and reliable operation of the new components.  And we all appreciate the improved quality and rate of product being produced.”

According to Brad Yates, the Plant Manager of the Ohio facility, “The die and extruder package that Gloucester supplied is performing quite well and continues to exceed our original rate expectations while maintaining very good gauge”.

Because retrofits involve older equipment that are already situated in the footprint of a customer’s facility, Gloucester’s expertise in retrofitting existing equipment highlights the strength of its engineering department.  Gloucester engineers, including Gary Peacock, made multiple site visits to ensure the retrofitted solution would function within the facility’s space requirements.  Moreover, because Automated prints high-resolution graphics on the films produced by this line, the output from this blown film line had to be excellent.

According to Carl Johnson, President of GEC , “we have been proudly supplying Automated Packaging Systems since the early 1980’s –  nothing makes us happier than to earn the right and opportunity to serve our customers.”

Mark Steele, GEC’s CEO, added “targeting retrofits, rebuilds and refurbishments is a key part of our strategy.  Our large installed base provides numerous opportunities to help customers in mature markets, such as the United States, increase their output while avoiding the need to purchase new equipment.  We understand our customers’ need to maximize return on investment and we are committed to helping them push the envelope in this regard”.

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